A Recruiter's Resume Bias

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Pete Radloff has 15 years of recruiting experience in both agency and corporate environments, and is the Principal Technical Recruiter at comScore, as well as a Lead Consultant for Exaqueo.

The Cover Letter Formula That Skyrocketed My Interviews from 0% to 55%

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Hmmm, seems you've already signed up for this class. While you're here, you may as well check out all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now. Resumes ...

Summary Sunday: Powerful Steps to Take Control of Your Career and Job Search

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There is nothing worse than finding yourself out of a job or stuck in a job you hate. Isn’t it time to take control of your job search and career?

Own Your Career In 2017 (If Not, Research Shows It'll Own You)

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As we head into the final quarter of 2016, the team and I at WorkItDaily.com are already studying the changes and challenges professionals will face in the coming year. The ...

The Resume Format That Will Ruin Your Job Search

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Resumes go through trends like any other business. It can be confusing, and a lot of effort to find the best format for your industry and your experience. It's our ...

Career Opportunities

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The Energy Bioengineering and Geomicrobiology (EBG) group at the University of Calgary has several vacancies for postdoctoral research associates to join projects on a range of fundamental and applied aspects ...

Career Trends: Awareness And Critical Questions

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Be In-The-Know Career Advice As you open your tablet one morning, you notice your e-mail contains multiple messages related to economic and lifestyle trends. Because you are searching for a ...

When can LinkedIn hurt your Career

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You’ve seen a hundred articles telling you that LinkedIn is a great tool for job seekers and career-minded executives, but can using LinkedIn hurt your job search or your career?

Why Job Seekers NEED To Study Performers

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Be Employable Job Search Job seekers have a lot to keep in mind: preparing their resume, developing and monitoring their LinkedIn profile, watching jobs, to name just a few. One ...

How to Create a Polished Infographic Resume [Infographic]

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In Business, Infographics|By Nadya KhojaAn infographic resume is a visual representation of your skills and experience that leads to higher engagement from hiring managers and recruiters. If you are in ...

Robots Won’t Take Your Job

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"The problem with new tech is it’s really easy to imagine the jobs it will destroy," Andreessen Horowitz's Chris Dixon recently told Product Hunt, "but really hard to imagine the ...

Can Robert Swift revive his NBA career and life?

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This story appears in the Sept. 26, 2016, issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. To subscribe, click here. The first thing Robert Swift remembers is the police loudspeaker. Though, in his haze,

Sample Cover Letter for Journal Manuscript Resubmissions

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By Roy F. Baumeister Dear Sir, Madame, or Other: Enclosed is our latest version of Ms # 85-02-22-RRRRR, that is, the re-re-re-revised revision of our paper. Choke on it. We ...

Manage Your Job Search in Evernote

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Comment Job hunting can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you’re about to embark on your career, searching for new challenges, or exploring your options, Evernote helps you take control of ...

Workplace, Job, And Career Confidence

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Be Confident 0 Do you want to be a fearless leader? Here are a few leadership lessons you could learn from Olivia Pope, Scandal’s most powerful fixer. 1KShares read more ...

Creative Ways To Land A Great Career

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The job market has improved a lot over the last couple of years or so. According to recent government statistics, the rate of unemployment is roughly back to where it ...

4 Tips To Keep In Mind When Organizing Your Resume

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Job Search Resume There has been and most likely will always be discussions over the “best” format for resumes. While there’s no debate over the need to ensure your resume ...

Joint Staff general's girlfriend problem grounds career

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WASHINGTON — An Army National Guard general on the Joint Chiefs of Staff has been fired from his job following an extramarital affair, and interviews and records show that he ...

4 Steps To Writing A Disruptive Cover Letter

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Be Employable Cover Letter In my experience as an Executive Resume Writer, cover letters only get read about a third of the time they are sent. That being said, when ...

Ted Cruz Just Committed Career Suicide By Supporting Donald Trump

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Ted Cruz has his eyes firmly set on the Republican presidential nomination in 2020, but by supporting Donald Trump, Cruz just trashed any hopes that he ever had of being ...

🔥 500+ Positive Action Verbs To Turbocharge Your Resume Now

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717 SharesPositive action verbs make your resume achievements sound even more impressive. Use this list of powerful action verbs to jumpstart your resume. Photo Credit: JD Hancock Free bonus: The ...

The 10 most ridiculous resume mistakes job seekers have made

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Crafting a resume takes a lot of time and effort, so don't let a typo, or worse a lie, land yours in the garbage. In fact, 43 percent of managers ...

Why Social Media Is The New Resume

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Be Connected Personal Brand Resume Resumes are no longer about a two page piece of paper updated only when you’re looking for a job. Today’s resumes, particularly in creative and ...

Ready to Get That DP Job? Here's How to Write Your Cover Letter and Resume

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Getting work as a cinematographer starts in the same place as other jobs, with an impressive cover letter and resume. Cover letters and resumes: they're not the most exciting things ...

Why Most Candidates Take the Wrong Job Offer

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Accepting the wrong job offer In the past 3 weeks, I have met with three different job seekers and I noticed a common thread. With each situation, the candidates DID ...

4 Tips To Using Twitter As A Job Seeker

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Be Employable Job Search Where are you looking for job opportunities? Most job seekers who are current with the times will tell you they’re looking at online job boards and ...

The United States will resume deporting Haitian immigrants after a 6-year hiatus

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Thursday that his agency will resume the practice of deporting some Haitian immigrants. The practice was stopped in January 2010 when Port-au-Price ...

Career Coach: The art of managing family medical leave

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The email came just as I was beginning to think about the fall semester. One of our adjunct professors, a talented teacher with great ratings from students, was pregnant. Wonderful ...

The Outlook for Older Job Seekers

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The constant doom and gloom chatter about older job seekers is wearing on me. I get it. I have stared into the eyes of job hunters over 50 and seen ...

Cheat Sheet: How To Make Your Cover Letter Work

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Be Employable Cover Letter “I just got done with the resume, now I have to write a cover letter too? Ugh…” Who hasn’t thought this at some point? Related: Does ...

Best Free Resume Templates For Designers

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Traditional business resume designs are preferred for some situations, but designers often like to get more creative. It’s possible to create your own resume from scratch but why reinvent the ...

MicroMasters Programs: a New Credential to Advance Your Career and Accelerate Your Master’s Degree

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Posted in: edX News Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the MicroMasters initiative, the next evolution in our mission to increase access to high-quality education and help ...

'Equity' spotlights real-life career challenges for Wall Street women

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Story lines in "Equity" around starting a family — childless Naomi has ostensibly picked her career over relationships, Erin is trying to hide her early pregnancy symptoms and Samantha struggles ...

Giving students a leg up with job skills a resume won’t show

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JUDY WOODRUFF: Now: what specific skills employers want from college graduates, and what a college can do to prove students are ready. Hari Sreenivasan has the story as part of ...

Career Services Pros Weigh In On What Impacts Hitting The Job Jackpot

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As part of the Introduction to Law School series, powered by Thomson Reuters, we recently examined The View From The Career Services Office. In a follow-up on this topic, we ...

What’s the difference between a CV and a Resume?

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CV or Resume? Before we’re prepared to answer that question, we first need to know what exactly the differences are between the two. In six questions, we’re going to break ...

9 Hacks That Will Streamline Your Job Search

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How many times have you heard the phrase, “There are no shortcuts in life”? Technically speaking, that isn’t wholly true—at least when it comes to searching for a job. There ...

Can Robert Swift revive his NBA career and life?

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This story appears in the Sept. 26, 2016, issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. To subscribe, click here. The first thing Robert Swift remembers is the police loudspeaker. Though, in his haze,

How to Make Employers Drool With a Value-Based Resume

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Once upon a time, resumes use to be so simple. You threw together an objective statement and listed all your past jobs. Done. Fast forward to 2016… Not so simple.

5 Minute Resume Tricks That Can Land You A Job You Want

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Recruiters have the delightful job of going through stacks of resumes when a position becomes available. In fact, they receive 250 resumes on average for each available position. This means ...

How to jump start your job search and win

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Jump Start? I live in Wisconsin and wise drivers always make sure they have a good set of jumper cables in their trunk. Getting caught with a dead battery when ...

Career advice from some of the world's most successful people

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If clichés like "Follow your passion," "Give 110%," and "Be true to yourself" just aren't cutting it for you, then we've got some fresh takes on how to get a ...

Former Google career coach: 5 great interview questions to ask job candidates

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1. Tell me about a time where you solved a particularly interesting problem. This question gets at problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, Blake said, which are increasingly important in today's business ...

Effective Ways to Enhance Your Resume

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Have you got your eye on a job that you believe will change your life? If so, you’re probably not the only one, so it’s vital to have a resume ...

Is Your Job Search Strategy Stuck in the Past?

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Shares 106Somewhere within your mind, there exists a mental whiteboard filled with lists of various rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, starts and stops, as well as tomorrow’s to-do list.

6 Steps to Stop Procrastination When Job Hunting

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Stop procrastinating and get back to your job search with these six tips. You’ve spent the last few months lounging around the house enjoying work-free days. Or maybe you just ...

How to Change Your Career

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You feel that you are stuck in a job that doesn’t satisfy you. You want to change your career but don’t know where to start or how to do it.

Taking Control of your Career with Trailhead

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Exactly one year ago I embarked on a journey to reinforce and expand my Salesforce knowledge using Trailhead. I had been working on the platform for 3 years before I ...

8 Brilliant Ways to Jump-Start Your Career

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What should I master before age 25 that will give me the best head start in any career? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions ...

I Made Three Big Career Changes In A Row

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When you switch careers, it often feels like starting over. Sure, you're still taking what you've learned in another field and finding fresh ways to apply it, but it always ...

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